GO TO キャンペーンについて





そんな彼らにとって「GO TO キャンペーン」は最後の希望だ。しかしそんな地域で観光業ではない人々の意見は真逆で、絶対反対という意見が圧倒的に多い。








It is expected that they will make the decision after moving ahead, but it is unknown what the result will be.  That's dangerous.  I personally think it will end when Tokyo is excluded.  Cancellation has already been inundated, and the cancellation fee has to be paid by the owner.


 I was able to hear from a friend who runs a hot spring hotel in a rural area, and all the hotels are in a difficult situation, and if this continues for several months, it will collapse.


 The "GO TO Campaign" is the last hope for them.  However, the opinions of people who are not in the tourism industry are the opposite, and most of them are the opposite.


 The media is saying.  It is highly possible that asymptomatic carriers will always be included in the rapid spread of people in the Kanto region throughout the country.


Even if this point was pointed out by the budget committee yesterday, the minister in charge said that he is "responsible" or "I want to fulfill my responsibilities", but I never say "take responsibility".  The quality of the response is below the student council meeting.  I was laughing.


 I expected what would happen in the future.  (1) Fighting in Tokyo vs Kanagawa, the campaign itself was cancelled, and NIKAI secretary general raged and the LDP split.  (2) A cluster occurred in a tourist area, and Nishimura Minister Bashing dismissed and exiled to another party.


 Let's hope that summer will come soon.